So many people ask me how do I stay current with the fashions and trends. How do I know what to buy??? How do I know what sells?? Well like anything in fashion I have to say I am never 100% sure, but I am usually pretty close to spot on knowing what sells and what doesn’t work for our stores. The first way I stay “current” is by listening to my daughter. She has an innate sense of fashion. She really, really knows what’s in and what’s not. Secondly I read magazines. I am addicted to magazines. As much as I am on my computer, I love reading fashion magazines and all kinds of magazines to get inspired and know what the trends are in fashion. In addition, Andrea who help runs the stores is a real shopper!! She could tell u about any label and where it comes from and how much it is. She is amazing. I always say that fashion is a billion dollar ever-changing business. And Act II has to change with it!!!! Come and see what resale fashion is new at Act II today!