The show must go on. A little history lesson. The Oktoberfest has gone on for many years and has been thru many changes. We have tried many things with the Oktoberfest. From different bands to different types of food to different set ups of the venue. So this year is no different. There will be another change. But all good stuff. We will be going back to the Oktoberfest roots this year! So more authentic style beer gardens and just more German of a feel. Every hour in the large beer garden there will be a costume contest. I hope people join in for that fun. Best Oktoberfest attire!!!! Due to budget cuts and higher costs of things the two changes that I wish wasn’t going to happen, but will happen….. No Oktoberfest on sunday. But I do hope that you all still come out and shop and eat in the village on sunday!!!! We will be open!!! Also this year the Oktoberfest will not be on the west end of la Mesa blvd!! Big bummer. However we will still be completely over stocked with fabulous merchandise in both locations!!!! Come on by and say Hi!!! It’s my favorite time of year!!!!!!!!!