So many people say how lucky I am I get to shop for a living. And you know what, I am Sooooo lucky.  It never gets “old”. I always get excited when new items come in that I know will sell!!! I never get enough!  I am big in to labels!  I love high-end and low-end.  Style is most important to me, however a good label that retails for more is always going to be more valuable….no way around it.  I personally will always love clothes from Bebe for “going out fun.” Especially their dresses.  For daytime I still love blazers with slack or pants. Calvin Klein or even Express.  My favorite jeans are Hudson’s.  I love them!!!!  For spring I love bling flats sandals and shorts. That is a must for me!!! Tory Burch is a Fad favorite.  And like so many I really like Michael Kors. I carry a MK bag now.  And jewelry. Oooohh jewelry.  So much fun for me. The more costume jewelry the better. And the bigger and chunkier the better too!!!! And scarves for fall always are part of my wardrobe!!! So enough about what I love. If u shop Act II one can tell some of the style that I love and the labels I love throughout the store. Come in and check it out