As I was dressing someone today for Easter it made me remember how much I love helping people put clothes together for a special occasion or any occasion.  I love it!! And I always try to have ladies working at the store that love to help people too. I always say that’s one thing that sets our store apart from many other resale stores. ( among many other things, better prices variety etc. ). Hahaha.  But I just love to help people feel good about what they r wearing.  And I also tell people don’t worry about the trends. If it looks good on u and it’s stylish then wear it.  Don’t wear something just because it’s the fashion. If it doesn’t look good take it off!!!’ Please!!!  Hahaha.  And I always believe  in the big picture.  Accessories r key.  Shoes, jewelry handbags.  Put it all together and don’t forget the details!! Stay in style. It’s possible at any age!!!! easter1